Eastern Winds Can Be Icy

This week is a bit weird. Yesterday felt like Friday, and on top of that I have the feeling that January is only just getting started. But the fact of the matter is that we already arrived at the end of the month with only this evening left. Yet there I was in December 2023 planning to post about Killarmy in January. Well that did not turn out as planned. The month itself had some damn cold weeks up here in the Northern hemisphere. So cold that the clear mornings turned into a literal Red Dawn. Even with that ominous beautiful daily reminder of incoming doom I ended up writing in the last hours.

In my previous post I wrote about how Killarmy’s third album deserved a better name that was more in line with the previous two. Since, I have been going back over the second album, Dirty Weaponry. Which gave me a podcast that bored me even at 1,5 times the speed. A remarkable feat if you ask me. More interesting though, while looking into Dirty Weaponry I actually discovered a 1990 album called Dirty Weapons, by Killer Dwarfs, a Canadian hard rock band.1 The similarities between the name of the group and the title of the album are so close, that one would almost wonder if this was a starting point for the group. Something I would follow up were it not for the simple fact that the name of the Killarmy comes from the Shaw Brothers movie Killer Army.2 Furthermore, the term dirty weapons is a broad term within the military that took more foothold after the fall of the Soviet Union due to nuclear material going missing. Which would play into the hands of the existence of so called dirty bombs.

Something else I did not know until recently, was that the quotes on the album are from the cartoon series Todd Mcfarlane’s Spawn. So far I have only had time to watch the first episode of the short lived series.3 But the style immediately struck me and reminded me of an adult version of Batman Beyond. Looking forward to watching the rest and see what it brings. For clarification, I am not familiar with the comic, and it could be that it just takes style notes from there.

The voice over of Spawn that they spliced into the Dirty Weaponry was a perfect fit. The reflections on fighting & warriors always sounded like it came from some bleak 70’s/80’s movie. It actually was a perfect fit when I was editing the video for Red Dawn with the scenes of Red Dawn. Which brings me to this second version of the video focused on January, that still holds up pretty well.

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killer_Dwarfs) ↩︎
  2. The correct name would be The Rebel Intruders. Killer Army was an alias that was used in the foreign markets. The original name is ????. https://hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=6149&display_set=eng ↩︎
  3. The animated series ran for only 3 seasons with a total of 18 episodes. With a running time of about 26 to 30 minutes each. ↩︎
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AMO: A Missed Opportunity?

December is a cold month in the northern part of the northern hemisphere. It is the time of the year where you put up decorations for holidays, but also gear up to brace for the freezing cold outside. Hoodied up with Timberlands and a North Face this is not the times for breezy songs.

With this interlude about the cold I liked to talk about Killarmy a bit. Because the other day I was thinking about their first three albums. We got the debut album Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars from 1997. Which was followed up the next year with Dirty Weaponry. After that it took a few years for a new album to appear, which eventually came on September 11th, 2001 in the form of Fear, Love & War1.

For now I just wanted to talk a bit about that title, Fear, Love & War. Because the other day I was placing the titles in order, and the first two seem to fit with the concept of the group. But the title of the third album just seems to be the odd one out. This could be due to the album starting as a 9th Prince solo2, but that is just a guess since I do not know how it was decided upon. 

The first two titles have a clear reference to weapons. In this case we could see the reference to weapons as a metaphor to the music. In the third one this is not so visible, and just broadly alludes to war. Would it not have been more interesting if they kept this in line with a title like Insurgency Weapons and Tactics, Sonic Jihad3, or Weapons of Mass Disruption. Or maybe even looking for something in reference to proxy wars, or even drones. Just think this was a missed opportunity for a nice sounding trilogy. 

That all being said, and it was just a thought, the album still stands to be enjoyed. At least I do. But I am aware not everybody thinks that way about it. One thing I can say is that it misses some of the movie & tv samples that were spliced into the first two records. Those really gave a sense of reflection and reporting. Like the on screen text during a film.

Case in point would be the track Red Dawn from the Dirty Weaponry that ends on a quote about warriors. Which brings me to the video I forgot about originally, but is perfect to share here. Red Red Dawn Dawn is a music video for Red Dawn set to scenes from the film Red Dawn. With this combination it juxtaposes the war themed rhymes from Killarmy with the insurgency of the Wolverines from the film. Making for a cold but on point viewing.

  1. Next to the album being released on September 11th 2001, this album was released on Loud Records. Whereas the previous ones where released through the Wu-Tang Records/Priority Records collaboration. By 2001 Loud Records was in a bad state, after just moving to Sony. According to reports the money was drying up. So little promo was given to the releases that were there. By 2002 the label was shut down unceremoniously. ↩︎
  2. 9th Prince elaborated on this in an Instagram post on his account. It was RZA who convinced him to make it a Killarmy album. Sadly I can not find the post at this moment of writing. ↩︎
  3. Completely aware that this is actually the title of an album by Paris that was released two years later in 2003. ↩︎

Method Man Bigging Up the UK on Drink Champs

So you go to the Soul Train Awards. You end up in the House Of Blues. Meanwhile you are high as a kite on shrooms. In the club you see Puffy with 6 bodyguards. Which sobers you up to the reality that there seems to be an East Coast – West Coast beef. You speak to Puffy a bit, and get paranoid as fuck afterwards because somebody might have seen you talk to him and you are on the West Coast. Plus, did that actually happen? Normally Puffy is never that nice. So you just sit back in the back while the shrooms are peaking. All of a sudden out of nowhere you hear: METH! METH! It is the one and only Queen Latifah asking what the fuck you are doing in the corner like that and pulling you over. Sometimes, you just need a friend like that with that energy.

That could be the end of a story. But what if at the end of the night you walk into Tupac and Suge. And ‘Pac is all politicking about how the RZA incident1 would have never happened if he was there. On top of that he shares that everything is cool between Death Row and Wu. Meaning that it was not a East versus West beef, but just Death Row and Bad Boy. What do you do? You zone out on the Tupacs Death Row piece. That is what you do when you are Tical.

This story of course caught my ear, as did several other anecdotes by Meth. Like the story about the Got My Mind Made Up2, his appearance on Oz3 and his acting career. If you want to hear all about that, go listen. I just wanted to follow up what Meth was sharing about the UK, because he gave some big ups there.

So first off, there is Ocean Wisdom. This is a British rapper is apparently famous for rapping faster than Eminem on Rap God. I actually know him from his feature with Meth called Ting Dun. Which caught my ear immediately due to the sample. It uses a vocal sample by The RZA from his Airwaves track off RZA as bobby digital In Stereo. Which was also used in The Anthem by Sway & King Tech, featuring Pharoahe Monch, Eminem, Xzibit and KRS One. That track is a fucking classic. And on that foundation we have Ting Dun.

Ocean Wisdom ft. Method Man – Ting Dun

Meth also mentioned Blue Meth and the song Winnebago. To be honest, I was not blown away listening to this. Nor have I heard before of Blue Meth. But here it is. 

Blue Meth ft. Method Man – Winnebago

For this one I had to look a bit harder. Meth only mentioned P Kay. Quite a generic name. But at some point, gonig by the lyrics Meth was spitting, I found the track. By the sounds of it you’d think this was a fresh battle rapper. But you might be a little surprised when you see the video because P Kay is bit older. But you’d never guess that from the verse Method Man was spitting. Well if this was entertaining I’d suggest going down the rabbit hole that is Pete & Bas, and maybe even Northern Boys. They have been doing grime for a bit now and are pretty entertaining.

Patrick Karneigh Junior – Sindu Sesh

Talking about grime, it is nice to see Little Simz be named and recognized. One of the biggest artists to come out of the UK in a while, with multiple awards to her name. Meth mentioned the recent track Gorilla from her NO THANK YOU album. But I’d like to highlight another track of hers called Venom. A must hear that really demonstrates that Little Simz is on a whole ‘nother level as an MC, and Meth knows. If you do want to listen to more of Little Simz, I can recommend the Sometimes I Might be Introvert album.  

Little Simz – Venom [Live @ Colors]

Speaking of Little Simz, and MC’s needing to step their game up to compete with her. You can also find her in the Top Boy series. In which she acts alongside the great Kano, a true grime legend. His last two albums, T-Shirt weather in the Manor and Hoodies all summer are classics to me. And just for the hell of it I am posting his Class Of Deja underneath.

Kano ft. Ghetts & D Double – Class of Deja / Trouble [Short film]

Top Boy series also featured Dave. Dave his first album is Psychodrama. When I first heard this album, I was caught off guard by how fucking insanely great it is. It is one of those records that captures depression and guilt in a way that one can feel the pain while listening. The Lesley track is an true culmination of all that pain into a 11 minute track that passes before you know it because it captivates you into the story. First time I heard it, I kept rewinding it, not knowing that I kept rewinding 6 minutes or more. The people in the shop must have thought I was crazy. With that being said, I can also recommend the Dissect series on Psychodrama. It will give you a lot more context on Dave and the album.

Dave – Black [Live at The BRITs 2020]

If you have not yet, give the Drink Champs episode a listen. It is a bit long, as most of the time. But Method Man shares some great stories, and the episodes does not divulge into a drunk shouting match.

  1. The RZA incident refers to an incident in the 662 club in Las Vegas. Somebody from Wu got into a fight with people from Death Row, allegedly Danny Boy was included. In the fight, RZA got his chain snatched. Tupac made sure that RZA got his chain back, and explained to Meth how this would have never happened if he was there. There are interviews with Tupac & U-god in which this is mentioned. ↩︎
  2. The 2Pac track Mind Made Up from the All Eyez On Me album was originally a Dogg Pound track meant for Dogg Food with Lady Of Rage, The Dogg Pound, Method Man, Redman and Inspectah Deck on there. It did not end up on there because they lost the A-DATs with the track on there. Fast forward to 2Pac coming out of jail, and on to Death Row. While they are working on the album Daz is going through his A-DATS, and finds the record. At this point Lady Of Rage had already used her verse on her own album, so Daz decided to take that off and give it to Pac. He loved it and immediately recorded his verse.
    Now here there are multiple stories. Some say 2Pac though the track was too long, so he could off Deck. Some say the 3rd A-DAT was not there with Decks verse. And there is the story that ‘Pac cut Decks verse because there was no more beat.
    Besides that it also seemed that Dre took credit at first. When 2Pac found out that Daz actually did the beat, they started to drift a part.
    The original version with Deck his verse can be found here. ↩︎
  3. The character of Method Man actually got killed off after a few episodes due to his tardiness. ↩︎

Ol’ Dirty Gets a Podcast

This week Ol’ Dirty Bastard would have turned 55 years old. If it was not for his untimely passing 19 years ago. I still remember reading about it, and it all sort of feeling unreal and distant. When I told people that day about his death, they did not seem to care at all. As if it was just normal or something.

Throughout the years it seems his image has only gotten bigger. In part due to the various personal stories that people have shared after his death. Stories that showed a human Russell Jones that knew what was happening, and cared deeply about the people he loved. But during his life, he was a character of enormous proportions that the media loved to portray as crazy. Somebody with crazy antics and classic rock star drug abuse, just so outlandish. But never once did they start questioning if he may have had a problem. It was just the life. 

Since his death, various things have been announced. A biopic amongst things, which goes as far back as 2012 (https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ol-dirty-bastard-biopic-will-star-michael-k-williams-59115/), with the late Michael K Williams attached. But it seems now something actually has solidified. Announced last year (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/music-news/ol-dirty-bastard-documentary-official-1235122891/#!), a documentary has been released via A&E titled titled ODB: A Tale of Two Dirtys. Though I have yet to see it, since I have not been able to find it online and it seem to be coming soon (https://www.aetv.com/specials/ol-dirty-bastard-a-tale-of-two-dirtys).

Following that milestone, a podcast has now also been announced, and started last week. The eight-part podcast is titled ODB: A Son Unique (https://art19.com/shows/odb-a-son-unique), done by the photographer Khalik Allah. Who some might know for his Popa Wu: A 5% Story [2010] (https://youtu.be/lBIO2kDovrA), a documentary that dived into the story of the late Popa Wu, and interviewed many of his peers. For ODB: A Son Unique, Khalik Allah will dive into the story of Russell Jones. And explore his background, beliefs and his world. The podcast will also feature interviews with Buddha Monk, Raekwon & Popa Wu amongst others.

Fair to say, I have not yet started listening yet, but I am excited about this podcast. It is also great to finally see something materialize. So I am happy to see his legacy is being taken care off. I hope it does him justice.

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Crypto Rules/d Everything For A Moment

Back in 2017 I wrote about Ghostface backing the C.R.E.A.M. token. This was right around the time when everybody and their uncle was pushing an ICO as a means of making a lot of money. Well that hype went down with a complete crash of the market in 2018. That was also while the market was being over rug pulls and other scams. Which attracted attention of government bodies like the SEC. And like that it was all gone.

At the end of the this wave was Young Dirty Bastard with the introduction of the Dirty Coin, which was supposed to launch via a ICO too. He had some nice ideas to connect this with funding of his album, books, and video games. But as a holder you’d also be able to use it as payment for concerts, merch and music by ODB.

Pretty ambitious plan, video games take years to make. But a plan that sounded much better than most who jumped on the bandwagon back then. Sadly, there is not much news to be found after this initial press moment. At least I can’t find any updates on it. This is one of those cases where you’d like to see a website with updates. What I did find is that the TAO Network, that Dirty Coin was supposed to use, looks pretty solid and seems to be still in use. It actually has branched out to include NFT’s. Something which would have been interesting for Dirty Coin with its music focus. For now I do have to conclude that it never launched.

I actually thought the same happened to C.R.E.A.M. So imagine my surprise that it actually launched and is still being traded, at a current price of about $ 23,-. According to Coin Market Cap the token launched back in 2020 on the Ethereum network, almost three years after it was announced. About 6 months after this it hit it’s all-time high with a price of $368,26. Shortly after that, it fell down hard, and has been going down ever since. Which is in line with the rest of the market. One other thing that I noticed, is that there is no notice of Ghostface any more. Nor did I see Ghost mention this. It seems like they parted ways, or he cashed in.

In the years since we have seen up and downs in the markets, as well as the rise & fall of NFT’s. The infamous Once Upon A Time In Shaolin made smart use of these digital contracts when the record was resold to a DAO. Giving the fans a little bit of hope that they might actually listen to it one day. I know they were working on bringing this to the public, but it has already been two years since. Hopefuly they will find a way.

After this Ghostface Killah did a NFT collabration with Fake Rare Pepe. Something I did not hear about earlier and have yet to hear any music from. It seems Rolling Stone and other outlets also did no hear about this when they reported on Ghost selling unreleased lyrics from the 90’s as NFT’s on the marketplace S!NG Market. Again, no news after the initial announcement. And a quick search turns up no results. Which makes me wonder if any were ever actually sold. You’d think people would fiend for some vintage Ironman lyrics. This was the period he was dealing with a lot.

One of the most surprising things that happened with NFT’s might be U-God. He partnered up with Melos to release two songs at the beginning of this year. The timing of this makes it surprising because nobody was talking about NFT’s anymore, and the hypetrain was sort of over. Nevertheless, he did move forward, and the songs are actually being offered on his website. Proof that they have actually sold can be found on OpenSea, where one can also listen to the full songs. They’re nice, but nothing to unique to me.

Writing all this down, I might have missed some things. Yet I can’t stop but wonder if it would not have been best if they had worked together back in 2017. Setting up an ICO, or backing a token, with the option of having NFT’s in the future. This would have been an interesting move. At least Bar Sun had the vision of what it could all do. Mind you, NFT’s are not something that was completely new. Nor was crypto. The year 2017 just saw a boom, same for 2021. The tech was already there for a couple of years. Maybe the future does hold something interesting for Wu & tech.


Killarmy: Unleashing Sonic Conspiracies and Subversive Manifestos

Killarmy, an integral component of the renowned Wu-Tang Clan collective, has carved a distinctive niche in the realm of hip-hop, defying conventional norms by embracing provocative themes and conspiratorial undertones. Rooted in the ethos of conspiracy theories, the group’s music serves as a canvas upon which they weave intricate tales of clandestine agendas, socio-political machinations, and the struggle for emancipation. At the heart of their artistry lies a deep understanding of texts like “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” and others, manifesting in an auditory experience that challenges listeners to question the status quo.

“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars,” a controversial text that emerged from the shadows of classified documents, serves as a cornerstone of Killarmy’s lyrical lexicon. Rooted in the alleged clandestine operations of powerful elites, the text delves into socio-economic manipulation and control mechanisms. Killarmy masterfully incorporates these themes, employing metaphorical warfare and vivid storytelling to convey the interconnectedness of power structures and their impact on marginalized communities.

Killarmy’s music becomes a conduit for unveiling suppressed narratives and igniting a sonic revolution. Their lyrics evoke a sense of urgency, urging listeners to question the dominant narrative and search for hidden truths. Through metaphorical language and historical references, they expose societal injustices, governmental malfeasance, and media propaganda, all while weaving a compelling sonic tapestry that captivates and challenges the audience’s perception.

Killarmy’s distinctive artistic approach, influenced by texts like “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars,” showcases their prowess in combining conspiracy theories, socio-political commentary, and raw lyricism. By presenting alternative perspectives through their music, the group empowers listeners to question the established order and delve deeper into the complex web of conspiracies that surround us. In this era of ever-growing information dissemination, Killarmy’s sonic conspiracies serve as an invitation to critically engage with the world, stimulating discussions and inciting the pursuit of truth.

By intertwining potent lyricism with conspiracy theories, Killarmy emerges as a visionary force in hip-hop, demonstrating the genre’s capacity to provoke critical analysis and ignite social consciousness. Their sonic manifesto beckons listeners to join them on a journey of enlightenment, where the boundaries of truth and deception blur, ultimately leading to a heightened understanding of our complex world. In the realm of Killarmy’s conspiratorial symphony, the revolution lies within the soundwaves.

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When Will Ghost Finish Supreme Clientele 2?

Back in September 2021 Ghostface Killah claimed that Supreme Clientele 2 was on the horizon, and would arrive February 2022. Kanye West, Mike Dean & Producer Plug Uni would be executive producing, and with that there was a little bit of hope for the sequel to the lauded sophomore LP by Ghost.



This was preceded by an Instagram post in October 2020 where Ghost confirmed working on it with a caption saying “WU-BLOCK.. SUPREME 2 IN THE MAKING!!!! #wutangforever #ghostfacemusic #supremeclientele #wublock #ghostfacekillah“. Again people were hyped. But so far, we have gotten nothing.

The original Supreme Clientele holds a special place in a lot of peoples hearts, and a sequel to the album would be something special like a sequel to Only Built For Cuban Linx…, which we got back in 2009. And for which Raekwon also announced a third part. That being said, this is not the first time we heard about the Supreme Clientele 2.

The announcements actually go back to 2010 when it was first mentioned, and January 2011, when Ghost posted a video on Youtube in which he said it was coming. Which state it was, was still unknown at the time. It wasn’t untill February 2013 when he did an interview with Montreality and talked about the album:

Blue & Cream. Hopefully, hopefully this summer, hopefully this summer. Like, maybe like August or something like that. I’m going to try for August, September or maybe July, you know what I mean. But I think August might sound more reasonable if i can do it. I shouldn’t set it, because sometimes when I say a date, it don’t ever fuck around and whatchama. But I gotta put it out because I’ve been sitting on it for like, going on three years.


In the same interview Ghost also mentioned his DOOMSTARKS project and 12 Reasons To Die. When fall came, there was no DOOMSTARKS project. 2013 only saw the release of the Adrian Younge collaboration 12 Reasons To Die. And with the recent passing of DOOM, their collaboration project may never be finalized.

It wasn’t untill deep in 2014, when Ghostface spoke to DX Daily and mentioned that Supreme Clientele 2: Blue & Cream was 85% done. He still wanted to get some people on there, and samples had to be cleared. A weird claim when the album was supposed to be ready a year ago. But creative processes could always change course. So who is to say what happened and what the state was. In hindsight, that 15% seems to be further from completion than ever.

By now it is safe to say that we have been waiting for more years than Supreme Clientele was old when it was first announced. On multiple occasions it seemed almost done, just some samples clear. But we have to take into account that Tony has been clear on the fact he does not work with deadlines any more, ever since the problems that arose out of that with Ironman. So yeah, by this point a lot of people have given up on ever seeing this album. And I’m afraid that any mention of this album without anything to back it up, will just water down the hype more.

That is not to say the Ghost has been sitting still. Since 2011 he has had a steady stream of music. From Wu Massacre to Wu Block to 12 Reasons To Die, Sour Soul, 36 Seasons, The Ghost Files, Ghostface Killahs, Czrface meets Ghostface. Ranging in quality from great to filler. And he has had some more than questionable business endeavours in the form of his recent Christmas EP and now a album in two versions on the Stem Player.

Especially the stem player has people talking. Since this was first used for the release of Donda, and Mike Dean & Ye were supposed to help up finish the album with Ghost, people are asking if this would be the much anticipated sequel. Something that would me sense for this expensive project. But so far it just seems like this is a normal collection of tracks for this project without any further vision as far as I know.

At this point, only time will tell when we will see it if ever. But hopefully it will be earlier than we hear Once Upon A Time In Shaolin or The Cure. Because at this point I got my money on hearing that million dollar album sooner than we’d be hearing Supreme Clientele 2: Blue & Cream.

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Bugsy Pulls Off Wu-Elements Album

This is something of a first. Bugsy Da God got an album that is exclusively produced by Bronze Nazareth, 4th Disciple & True Master. A thing that fans have been asking for for year, albums exclusively produced by the Wu-Elements. Even though it is 2022, soundwise this most definitely delivers. Bugsy Da God & Dom Pachino delivered with that. Magnificent is some classic True Master, and Wrath Of God is some classic 4th. Banging.
Not going to lie, the sound is solid. And I’d say that if they continue this vision, a niche could be carved out for some solid Wu Killabeez releases this way. It is nothing game changing, but it is a familiar and solid sound. Often that is just what the fans are looking for. Especially those who got older and are out of tune with the sounds of the day.


The House That Hatred Built by Gravediggaz

Back in the early 2000’s the idea of a proper Gravediggaz reunion or a recasting was super exciting. Over and over there were rumors. Warcloud, Killah Priest & Shabazz would be more involved. RZA would take the reigns again. But nothing ever really materialized after the death of Poetic, making Nightmare In A-Minor their last official collective effort.
Nowadays I’m not following everything what happens that much, and much time has passed since it sounded like something I’d like to hear. But some time ago Prince Paul took the time to share an unreleased Gravediggaz demo called The House That Hatred Built.
Apparently this was the first demo the group recorded ever, back in 1991. This recording, and the start of the Gravediggaz, predates the recording of the Wu-Tang Clan for RZA. There is actually a lot of interesting information about this and the formation of the Gravediggaz in this interview he did with Brian Coleman at Trinity College. Like how the album was recorded in full before Enter The Wu-Tang, but only released 9 months after. So be sure to read all about that there.

Another thing I came across, was the fact that the Gravediggaz declined a deal with Ruthless Records. Prince Paul actually met with Eazy-E & Jerry Heller, and this was during which he had a hard time finding a home for the record. But the deal they offered was so bad he still had to decline. There is more to read in this track by track run down of 6 Feet Deep that Prince Paul did with HipHopSite back in 2013.

Speaking of tracks. It seems that from time to time people did still record under the Gravediggaz monniker. Which leads to the following track I came across, 2 More Cups Of Blood. In 2010 Shabazz did an interview with Wu-International in which he revealed that the Gravediggaz was back together. It was him, Priest, Frukwan, 9th Prince, Beretta 9/Kinetic was there, and RZA & Prince Paul were also involved. Shabazz stated, ‘3 more songs and the new album is done! I recorded at Rza’s crib. He called me and we had a looong overdue reunion!!! Priest came thru too. So yes Gravediggaz is coming soon!!https://wutangcorp.com/forum/showthread.php?103433-Shabazz-the-disciple-wu-international-interview!!!!!!‘ He even mentions that he has some Poetic verses that they might use on the record, making it a complete reunion. Sadly nothing official ever saw the light of day or the dark of night save for this track. Apparently this was leaked by RZA himself, and most defintely flew under my radar.

One of the biggest tracks that Gravediggaz are known for, and also introduced some people to Shabazz The Disciple & KIllah Priest, is Diary Of A Mad Man. Now people seem to think that RZA produced this record, but in a video interview back in 2018 Prince Paul cleared up the air surrounding that record: “Alright, so RNS gets credit for the record [sample]. RZA gets credit ’cause it went through RZA, and me, ’cause I put the whole record together: programmed the drums, put the court pieces and stuff in it. But when you look at the credits, everybody goes ‘Yeah, RZA produced it, but Paul had nothin’ to do with it.’…it’s obviously a Prince Paul production, you can hear how it’s done. Nobody makes stuff like that, at least during that time.

The whole story you can hear about in the video underneath.

That said, Diary of a Madman is obviously a classic that many people hold dear. The track itself with the court, and the video is like no other. The video was actually direct by Hype Williams, who would later direct many more music videos in his own style. Which brings me to the following: Diary Of A Madman Part 2
About six month ago the Warcloud meets Killah Priest effort Savage Sanctuary got released on Black Stone of Mecca. This album carrying the track Diary of a Madman Pt. 2 featuring a slew of people on a original RZA beat. The track first surfaced on a Black Knights album a few year ago, but with in a horrible state. This time around they seemed to have cleared up the recordings and the mix a bit.
Rumors about this track travel back to around 2005 I believe. Word was that a part 2 was recorded with Priest, Shabazz & Warcloud. And again nothing ever got released, and now we finally have the track, 15 years later. Was it worth the wait?

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Another Priest Album: Mr. Universe

It seems that every moon cycle Killah Priest manages to drop another album. This time around he got one with Jordan River Banks again, after the 2020 The Third Eye In Technicolor. The album continues the current style Priest has managed since Rocket To Nebula, also back in 2020. So it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

And if you are wondering what Priest has been up to, you can visit his Bandcamp to find Rocket To Nebula, The Third Eye In Technicolor, The Last Ride with the HRMN, Ragnarok, The Goddess and The Priest with Bliss, and Savage Sanctuary with The Holocaust/Warcloud.

What is missing from this list of the last two years is Lord Sun Heavy Mental 1.1, Summer End Cafe, Divine Intervention with True Master, The Three Fantastic Supermen Epic, and Horrah Scope.

As you can see, Priest has been very consistent in his output of music.


Where did this ODB track come from?

Pretty sick tune that crossed my path the other day. An unreleased track by Ol’ Dirty, of which there are not many left any more. Produced by The RZA, and it is actually banging. Too bad about the quality, but it leave me wondering from which era this is. Sounds like his 2nd album though.
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RZA Returns With Digital Potions

Looks like RZA is going to give us a 3rd EP in two years with Digital Potions. He talked about this EP previously with the release of Pugilism back in April 2021. This is the end transformed into the Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater EP with DJ Scratch. Yes I am just as confused as you are. (That last one was also called RZA vs bobby digital at one point.) Even more so since there has been no update on his website or in any outlets. Just on the websites of the various records stores who are stating it as a Record Store Day release.

It seems to feature the following 7 songs:

  1. Fashion
  2. Better Than Yours
  3. Flagrant Flavors
  4. Garden State
  5. Rain on Em
  6. Attack of the Lioness
  7. Don’t Cry on My Shoulder

Visit the following the links to order your copy.
Rough Trade
Good Taste Records
Elmhurst Records

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Ghostface is backing an ICO

The amount of people, spending their days investing & trading in cryptocurrencies is still growing. Once seen as a fad by some 3-4 years ago. Crypto is most certainly here to stay. And with the new wave of attention, there is the introduction of ICO’s. This one quite nicely, or quite standardly, named C.R.E.A.M. A reference to the famous Wu-Tang Clan song of the same name about money. But also slang for money.

The interesting tidbit about this ICO is that it is backed by one of the original nine members of the Wu-Tang Clan: Ghostface Killah. Known for his vivid wordplay & storytelling on a crime & fantastiscal level. Though C.R.E.A.M. does play a role as a recurring topic in many of his songs and albums. The always colourfull Tony Starks is not really known for his investment skills. One is only left to wonder what to make of this.

One of Wu Tang Clan’??s members is apparently throwing himself behind a new ICO


Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang Clan

Bloomberg Critical On OUATIS Clan credits

Over on Bloomberg an article has been published that is very critical of the Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album. Through interviews with Killa Sin, Shyheim & the manager of U-God a reconstruction is attempted of the making of OUATIS. Echoed by these people is the sentiment that this started out as a new record for Cilvaringz, and not a Clan record. Besides that, many of them fell hurt & disrespected by the scheming around the recent release of the project. It’s a nice read to add to the ever revolving saga around this concept album.

Shkreli, who currently faces a prison sentence for fraud, may himself have been deceived about his $2 million purchase.