Back in 2017 I wrote about Ghostface backing the C.R.E.A.M. token. This was right around the time when everybody and their uncle was pushing an ICO as a means of making a lot of money. Well that hype went down with a complete crash of the market in 2018. That was also while the market was being over rug pulls and other scams. Which attracted attention of government bodies like the SEC. And like that it was all gone.

At the end of the this wave was Young Dirty Bastard with the introduction of the Dirty Coin, which was supposed to launch via a ICO too. He had some nice ideas to connect this with funding of his album, books, and video games. But as a holder you’d also be able to use it as payment for concerts, merch and music by ODB.

Pretty ambitious plan, video games take years to make. But a plan that sounded much better than most who jumped on the bandwagon back then. Sadly, there is not much news to be found after this initial press moment. At least I can’t find any updates on it. This is one of those cases where you’d like to see a website with updates. What I did find is that the TAO Network, that Dirty Coin was supposed to use, looks pretty solid and seems to be still in use. It actually has branched out to include NFT’s. Something which would have been interesting for Dirty Coin with its music focus. For now I do have to conclude that it never launched.

I actually thought the same happened to C.R.E.A.M. So imagine my surprise that it actually launched and is still being traded, at a current price of about $ 23,-. According to Coin Market Cap the token launched back in 2020 on the Ethereum network, almost three years after it was announced. About 6 months after this it hit it’s all-time high with a price of $368,26. Shortly after that, it fell down hard, and has been going down ever since. Which is in line with the rest of the market. One other thing that I noticed, is that there is no notice of Ghostface any more. Nor did I see Ghost mention this. It seems like they parted ways, or he cashed in.

In the years since we have seen up and downs in the markets, as well as the rise & fall of NFT’s. The infamous Once Upon A Time In Shaolin made smart use of these digital contracts when the record was resold to a DAO. Giving the fans a little bit of hope that they might actually listen to it one day. I know they were working on bringing this to the public, but it has already been two years since. Hopefuly they will find a way.

After this Ghostface Killah did a NFT collabration with Fake Rare Pepe. Something I did not hear about earlier and have yet to hear any music from. It seems Rolling Stone and other outlets also did no hear about this when they reported on Ghost selling unreleased lyrics from the 90’s as NFT’s on the marketplace S!NG Market. Again, no news after the initial announcement. And a quick search turns up no results. Which makes me wonder if any were ever actually sold. You’d think people would fiend for some vintage Ironman lyrics. This was the period he was dealing with a lot.

One of the most surprising things that happened with NFT’s might be U-God. He partnered up with Melos to release two songs at the beginning of this year. The timing of this makes it surprising because nobody was talking about NFT’s anymore, and the hypetrain was sort of over. Nevertheless, he did move forward, and the songs are actually being offered on his website. Proof that they have actually sold can be found on OpenSea, where one can also listen to the full songs. They’re nice, but nothing to unique to me.

Writing all this down, I might have missed some things. Yet I can’t stop but wonder if it would not have been best if they had worked together back in 2017. Setting up an ICO, or backing a token, with the option of having NFT’s in the future. This would have been an interesting move. At least Bar Sun had the vision of what it could all do. Mind you, NFT’s are not something that was completely new. Nor was crypto. The year 2017 just saw a boom, same for 2021. The tech was already there for a couple of years. Maybe the future does hold something interesting for Wu & tech.