Bugsy Pulls Off Wu-Elements Album

This is something of a first. Bugsy Da God got an album that is exclusively produced by Bronze Nazareth, 4th Disciple & True Master. A thing that fans have been asking for for year, albums exclusively produced by the Wu-Elements. Even though it is 2022, soundwise this most definitely delivers. Bugsy Da God & Dom Pachino delivered with that. Magnificent is some classic True Master, and Wrath Of God is some classic 4th. Banging.
Not going to lie, the sound is solid. And I’d say that if they continue this vision, a niche could be carved out for some solid Wu Killabeez releases this way. It is nothing game changing, but it is a familiar and solid sound. Often that is just what the fans are looking for. Especially those who got older and are out of tune with the sounds of the day.

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New Afro Samurai Track

Another heads up from schoki. This time a new Afro Samurai track with Kool G Rap & Ghostface. And if I recall correctly it has been a long time coming since Ghost and RZA both appeared on a track, as RZA himself said.

RZA – Whar ft. Ghostface, Kool G Rap

Plus GZA – 7 Pounds Remix ft. Bronze Nazareth

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Think Differently Update

Pro Tools by GZA is coming this fall on Liquid Swords Entertainment. So that’s about a year since it popped up on the same December date as 8 Diagrams.

Also a new Bronze album is up in the mix. This one will be released on Half Entity/Think Differently. I am sure there is a great number of fans out there waiting for this.

And if you are waiting for more, Dreddy will release ‘Dreddy Kruger Presents: Think Differently Music “ReThink”‘ real soon. And there is a new group from NYC coming up under his wing by the name of Folk & Stress. First single is said to feature GZA.

Dreddy is one busy man.

Kudos to Think Diff. for the info

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Almighty New Super Group Formed

We all knew that Priest was busy with various projects. Now we can add another one. The new group called Almighty. Consisting off Killah Priest, M-Eighty, Bronza Nazaeth, Son One, C-Ray Walz & 5 Star.

They are prepping an album for 2008 with featuring of none other than Canibus, Planet Asia, Warcloud, 60 Sec. Assassin, JS-1 & a still unnamed special guest. The album will be called Original S.I.N.. S.I.N. meaning Strength In Numbers.

To get updated on the latest hit up their MySpace at MySpace.com/TheAlmighty6

Source: Fake Shore Drive (via AB in comments)

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Mixtape Saturday: Dr. Moon

American IronmanLast month the Dutch rapper Extince released his fourth album Toch?!. And remarkably the quiet Moongod Allah had two productions on this record. One of these is actually the first single from the album. He produced the tracks under the monniker Dr. Moon.

Extince – Repper-de-Klep
Prodution by Dr. Moon

Extince – Ik Weet Jij Houdt Van Hem ft. Derenzo
Prodution by Dr. Moon

Cilvaringz – Man, Woman & Child ft. Michael Maidwell
Production by Cilvaringz & Bronze Nazareth

T.H.U.G. Angelz – 144,000
Production by Shroom

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