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Come on, man. I ain’t gotta tell ‘em. They caught in a trap right now, and I don’t mean danger. Niggas is in the strip club throwing their money up and doing all types of Birdman shit. When we came up, we didn’t grow up like that. We learned how to hustle and get money. You stack and plan the future ahead—get your house, your car, your wife and start your family. Pass the jewel on. We grew up under those rules like the mob…the mafia.

Inspectah Deck stays true to his name.


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You Can’t Stop Me Now

If my mind recalls correctly You Can’t Stop Me Now was a title planned to be on the 8 Diagrams album. Previous news bits have John Frusciante playing on the guitars and RZA doing production. Now like suspected it ended up elsewhere. The new bobby digital album to be exact.

To be fair the track is real nice. No real bobby feel here. I approve.

On another note, the cover you see here is done by Gary Alford and seems to be an early sketch for the cover. The album is slated for a July 1st release.


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RZA: Digi Snacks Is Finished

RZA has only one eyeclaa7 got together a small recap from a RZA interview featured in the Swedish KingSize magazine. Here are a few things he pointed out that were said in the interview:

  • RZA announces that the whole ‘Digi Snacks‘ album is finished but put to the side for the release of 8 Diagrams (the goes same for OB4CL2). Bobby has matured allot on the album. This will be showcased by writing of the songs, which has gotten better according to RZA. There is a really beautiful song on Digi Snacks that’s called ‘Drama‘ which has an incredible chorus and Bobby tells people how to make their lives better. That one feels like a hit-record. But there is also tracks like ‘My Lovin’ Is Digi Pt.2‘ where he just talks shit; “my dick is hard” – that’s that Bobby Digital shit.
  • He says that his favourite Wu-Tang album is ‘Return To The 36 Chambers,’ there is no other album that provides so much joy. It’s a true piece of art.
  • In 1997 RZA found a book on music-theory which started his translation from hip-hop producer to musician. The first beats he made after reading this book were ‘It’s Yourz‘ and ‘Triumph.’
  • He says that Ghostface has a very good ear for music and that he is 100% sure that if he just learned how to use a sampler he would never have to work with a producer again. He also says that INS is the only one in the Clan that learned how to make beats and that ”He actually done a couple beats that are quite interesting.”
  • He gives a prediction that Young DB (ODB’s son) will have a hit-record on top of the charts in 2 years. And it will be a real song-song that people can sing along to. “That’s my first priority when 8 Diagrams is over; Young Dirty Bastard – he is wild, seventeen years old but just like his father. If he just can keep his health.”

Kudos to claa7 for translating the bits

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New INS Site Coming?

Inspectah Deck - R.E.C. Room 12″Got this piece from the WTC forums:

Stay tuned as Deck is soon to launch a website where you can purchase his cds, mixtapes, T- shirts and hoodies, Dezert Eez and Housegang albums and mixtapes as well as hear INS skills on the production side. The site should be at full strength by late March…

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Pete Rock Wants To Follow RZA To Hollywood

Pete Rock - True Master ft. Inspectah Deck & KuruptIn a recent interview from HHDX Pete Rock had this to say about his future plans:

DX: It’s common knowledge that there’s no 401K in Hip Hop. With that being said, do you ever see yourself stepping away from the music industry to pursue a more stable way to make a living?
PR: I will always do something in music. Anything that I am able to do professionally in music I will pursue it. One of the things I really want to get into scoring movies. I dibbled and dabbled in it but I really would like to get into it in a serious way especially since I seen how RZA capitalized on the scoring thing with Kill Bill and Blade and all that. I would like to deal with action movies, superhero movies, and gangster movies. Gangster shit and superhero shit in particular. I’m real into the superhero thing big time. I been into them since I was a kid, so I would love to be part of one of them. I like a lot of the movies they’ve been making and they’ve been coming out with a lot of them lately so I’m really gung ho about getting into it now.

RZA is going to get some competition in Cali. Let’s see how this will all work out. Read the full interview at HHDX: Unsung Hero

Yesterday I also came across some other old post. It offered some food for thought. Stating that Deck should have collaborated with Pete Rock for his entire solo LP.

FW: Here’s how it should have played out ten years ago: coming off the success of Wu-Tang Forever (1997) – on which he contributed the finest verses of his career, reigning supreme on every track he blessed – the Rebel INS grows impatient with RZA’s new keyboard-based approach to beatmaking and Bobby Digital (1998) distractions. Dissatisfied with the scattershot RZA tracks and the fruits of the Wu-satellite producers that would comprise Uncontrolled Substance (1999), Deck offers Pete Rock the opportunity to produce the record in the same template as ‘Trouble Man’, his lone contribution to the album. While Wu diehards are sent into an uproar over the absence of the Wu abbot, the resulting full-length is nonetheless a smashing success, as Deck’s signature metaphors and endless alliteration are a perfect match for Rock’s rhythmic soundscapes. On ‘Trouble Man’, note how the Soul Brother offers a fresh perspective on Isaac Hayes’ ‘Joy’ riff, slicing it up into syncopated microfragments, then layering the chalky piano from Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Give Me Your Love’ atop for the chorus, which also appropriates Sade’s ‘Paradise’.

My point: Pete Rock – Tru Master ft. INspectah Deck & Kurupt

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Mixtape Saturday: Wu-Fam Production on Dutch Rapper Album

Can It Be All So SimpleThis week I got a couple of tracks by Dutch rapper Sluwe Voszz. This man managed to secure a couple of Wu-Fam featurings on his debut Gevangen Emotie. Most notable the crazy 4th Disicple beat on Hip Hop. Besides that he got two tracks by B9.

To close this Mixtape Saturday down I posted the new Killah Priest track Stained Glass Theory, the True Master snippet with his only known solo song Who’s The Truest. We got the Rubbabands Prok Chops track and a Termanology track featuring Trife & Sun God. Coming straight from the latest J-Ronin mixtape All Elements Vol. 8.

More interesting is the recent floating of Rebel INS his Got My Mind Made Up verse. Out of nowhere this surfaced. The story behind this track is that 2Pac took the track from Tha Dogg Pound, which originally also had Lady Of Rage on it. He liked it, recorded his own verse. Only it was a bit too long so he cut both INS & Rage off.

Closer is a 18 minute freestyle by Mister Mef. He did this in the early ninties on a the famous Dutch Masters show in the Netherlands. A straight classic like you rarely hear them nowadays.

Sluwe Voszz – Bakenesser Gracht ft. Apathy [Prod. Beretta 9]

Sluwe Voszz – Hip Hop ft. Shabazz [Prod. 4th Disciple]

Sluwe Voszz – Untitled ft. Beretta 9 [Prod. Beretta 9]

Sluwe Voszz – Wie Wil een Probleem? ft. Trife [Prod. Iron Shiek]

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HHG: Inspectah Deck Interview

Inspectah Deck Movement ShootInspectah Deck Interview
14/12/2007 By Brian Kayser / HipHopGame

8 Diagrams is finally out. How do you feel about that?
We should have released five albums by now, but you know, it’s all good to still be loved and appreciated and anticipated like that. That’s the best feeling about this whole thing for me right now.

Five years is a long time to go without releasing an album. Was there too much of a layover between Iron Flag and 8 Diagrams?
For me and in my opinion, I would say yeah. But you know, I’m not the one who runs things. I just played my part as an MC on this one.

Did playing your part as an MC include giving RZA your creative input and making suggestions?
I played my part as an MC. This was a vision that RZA had, like 36 Chambers was a vision that he had. We had the faith in him to basically do what he does to the extent of how he does it. Pretty much, that’s what he did. My input wasn’t asked of me. Creatively, that’s really, like, out the window on this album. This was like you had Beethoven and niggas who played guitars and shit. There’s only room for one conductor, man.

It doesn’t seem as though every Clan member has that same faith in RZA that you have. Why do you think that is?
It’s not that everybody doesn’t have the faith. We know RZA away from music, so I know what he’s capable of on and off the field. It’s never a question of faith or anything like that. It’s just more a question of decision-making now that we’re grown. It’s about making the right decision and smart decisions because bad choices can kill you nowadays.
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VDB Rewinds: Wu-Tang Plot The Future

Iron Flag goes upBy Matt Diehl
Rolling Stone 9/18/2003

Hip-hop heroes focus on solo work

IS WU-TANG CLAN OVER? “IT’s SON ice, really,” says Wu leader RZA. Despite breakup rumors, Wu may eventually come back someday. “When it’s time to rock, I think everybody’s down,” RZA says. In the meantime, bonds among the Staten Island, New York, rap crew are strong: Most of the Clan MCs are helping out with one another’s solo discs because, as Method Man puts it, they’re “Wu for life.”
What’s going on with Wu-Tang Cland

1. Masta Killa
He’s the only Wu-Tanger to never release a solo album-butthat’s aboutto change. Masta Killa will soon drop No Said Date, which RZA calls “a crazy classiccompletely raw. He’s the motherfucker right now.”

2. Raekwon
A new Raekwon effort — The Lex Diamond Story-is expected to come out later this year.
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VDB Rewinds: Wu World Order

wu-clansnipez.jpgBy Matt Diehl
Rolling Stone 10/15/98

“Rap is like the polio vaccine: Once they knew it worked, everyone wanted it.”-Grandmaster Flash


MASTER P PETER WATCN HIS BACK: WHEN IT COME TO RELeasing multiple multiple albums, da last don has fierce competition from rap’s illest conglomerate, Wu-Tang Clan. Already this year, the Wu posse has released five albums, three in the past two months: Dirty Weaponry, Killarmy’s second release; The Last Shall Be First, the debut from the Wu offshoot Sunz of Man; and RZA Presents Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm, a compilation featuring new tracks from Wu-Tang veterans as well as fresh recruits like Remedy, the first white Wu-affiliated rapper, and the all-female crew Deadly Venoms. And don’t expect the flow to slow down: The next eighteen months could find more than twenty-four Wu-related projects hitting the street, including new albums from Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck and Bobby Digital, the alter ego of Clan mastermind RZA. “Bobby’s a motherfucker that’s down for the bullshit,” RZA explains. “I think people are going to love him, because people love bullshit.” Here, RZA gives the 411 on the Wu world order.
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