Apparently Meth Does Not Like Ringz And He Gives Great Interviews

Adam Sandler films are so bad, even Sony hates them. Thank god we have Meth in this latest film doing the rounds. Giving interviews everywhere on a whole range of subjects. Including the current PR disaster that is Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Apparently Meth does not like Ringz, or the handling of this album. Well who would, if this was proclaimed as your last group effort and you are not in the loop.
Be sure to listen/watch the whole interview. Quite some gems about Tupac, acting, B.I.G. and more.


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Interview Cover Artist Ghostdini

Take Cover: Ghostface’s Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City
Artist David Russell discusses his amazing album cover. Take Cover: Ghostface’s Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City

Notable album covers catch the eye, dribble it around a little, and then snap it back into place, forever skewed. They can be funny, gross, shocking, stunning, or just plain wrong. They can define artists.

With Take Cover, we aim to track down the most striking new album covers taking up web space and vinyl bins and get the story behind them. In this installment, we check in the American-born, Australia-based artist David Russell. Russell’s long career has mostly involved conceptual and storyboard art for a huge number of movies and TV shows, and his credits include Return of the Jedi and Terminator 2. But Russell also did the ornate, fantastical cover of Ghostface’s Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City. Check below for our conversation with the man responsible for that mindbending image.

Pitchfork: How did you end up doing this Ghostface album cover?

David Russell: [laughs] It was a surprise to me, too! I got contacted by Island Def Jam Records’ art director. Ghost was looking for someone to do something unusual for his next cover, and the art director had come across my website and seen this Wizard of Oz, Emerald City image that I had done for a film project. I had a good laugh. It’s hard to imagine Ghostface Killah having an interest in the world of Oz, but it was a wild idea, so we got it together.
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Ghostface Interview

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Ghostface Killah
“Smoking Sessions With…” By TC on October 9, 2009 at 1:30 pm

Ghostface Killah bites his tongue for no one. If he said it, he meant it, simple as that. Still red-hot from doing his part in fellow Wu-brethren Raekwon’s critically-acclaimed Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, Tony Starks is proceeding with his solo career without delay, releasing the colorful Ghostdini: The Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City.

In this extremely candid interview with TSS Crew’s TC, Ghost revels in his maturity as an artist, explains why fans should respect his latest musical endeavor and his future label plans. If you think the album is poetic, wait til’ you get a load of his candor.

TSS: So on Ghostdini: Wizard Of Poetry, you’re delving in the “Back Like That,” “Never Be The Same Again,” “Wildflower,” “Love Sessions” territory, correct?

Ghostface Killah: (Laughs) Yeah, it’s literally all of that. There’s nothing but poetry on that shit with all the different topics. It’s just something a nigga been always wanting to do. You know this will be my last album over here on Def Jam. So I was on some ol’ “Yo, you know what? I gave my fans samples, since ‘92…I did albums B…I never really seen no money off the shit.” Just so my fans could fuck around and love me for my music as far as my lyrics. And I never got nothing from a bunch of ‘em…even as far as being in the red. And when I mean being in the red, I mean not recouping! Doing a bunch of other shit to make it right.
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Cappadonna Interview Slang Prostitution

Blending powerful insights into a medley of broken English and abstract slang is nothing new for Cappadonna. A legend in the borough of Staten Island long before he first appeared on Raekwon’s classic LP Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Cap has since forged a die hard following rhyming alongside his Wu-Tang comrades while dropping nearly half-a-dozen solo projects including his landmark debut The Pillage. And while some fans struggled to make sense of his rhymes, others marveled at a style of MCing that transcended words to generate a seemingly unparalleled intensity. Cap didn’t rhyme, he straight bombarded tracks, and if you ever heard songs like “Winter Warz” “Slang Editorial” and “Blood On Blood War” this is probably just a re-hashing of what has been obvious to many for the better part of a decade and a half.

After spending considerable time on tour with the Wu in ’06 through ’08, Cappadonna is back in ’09 with the brand new album Slang Prostitution. With guest appearances from Raekwon, Masta Killa and King Just, Slang Prostitution finds Cap reverting to what the MC describes as his “vintage” style, declaring the new project to be “based upon what the people are expecting from me”. On the eve of Slang Prostitution’s release we had a chance to catch up with the Papi Wardrobe King to talk Hip-Hop, life, politics and much more. Peep the realness, but don’t sweat the garments!

RIOTSOUND.COM: The title of your new LP is Slang Prostitution; is there something you are trying to make reference to as far as th title goes?

CAPPADONNA: Well, Slang Prostitution is based upon buying demand. It’s just a way of producing a friendly business relationship through the craftiness of words. And the words that we use is slang. So to describe my message, the broken English that I use, the witty unpredictable talent and natural game, is a form of prostitution, you know. It’s how we gotta tempt that message in the form of slang just to get that word out.
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From Anime to Games, RZA Is a Soundtracking Samurai

From Anime to Games, RZA Is a Soundtracking Samurai

By Scott Thill January 27, 2009
Robert Diggs, aka the RZA, has done everything from shepherding hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan through decades of success to soundtracking films like Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill series. He brings a unique blend of musical skills, street smarts and cultural cachet to everything he touches.

His latest recording, Afro Samurai Resurrection, is a soundtrack to Season 2 of Spike TV’s ninja-hop anime TV series Afro Samurai. Released Tuesday, it’s a hefty dose of stark, cinematic beats and rhymes, embellished by guest stars as different as rapper Rah Digga and soul legend Sly Stone. (RZA’s music also appears in the Afro Samurai videogame, released this week for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.)

Lately, however, it’s been rumored that RZA will leave the music business after he drops his long-awaited but still unreleased solo album, The Cure, which he has hinted may be his last. “I’ve been a good businessman with a good repertoire,” he explains in an interview with Wired.com, “so if I want to go, I can.”
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