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RZA’s Top 5

Published Thursday, January 22, 2009 10:00 AM
By Alvin “Aqua” Blanco

Beside a knack for freaking ridiculous beats, if RZA possesses anything it’s resounding confidence. Still, when certain Wu-Tang Clan members (ahem…Raekwon) went rogue and publicly disparaged The Abbot’s beats selections for 2007’s 8 Diagrams, you couldn’t help but wonder if it shook his self-belief.

However, “It didn’t f**k up my confidence but it f**ked up my heart,” says RZA.

Well love must conquer all because when we spoke to the RZA he was on the road with the entire Wu-Tang Clan and he assured any issues were resolved. Besides touring with his band of brothers, RZA is promoting the second season of the anime series Afro-Samurai, which he again scored. The show’s soundtrack, RZA Presents…Afro-Samurai: Resurrection includes appearances from the likes of Ghostface (“Whar”), Rah Digga (“B***h Gonna Get Ya”), Kool G Rap (“You Already Know”) and even Sly Stone on “Blood Thicker Than Mud (Family Affair).”

Family must have been on RZA mind when we asked for his Top 5 Dead or Alive. Initially he tried to include a gang of his Wu brethren but we did him a favor and consolidated them into one entry, while he dropped nice insight on the rest of his picks. Bong.
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Wu-Tang 1 comment on New Afro Samurai Track

New Afro Samurai Track

Another heads up from schoki. This time a new Afro Samurai track with Kool G Rap & Ghostface. And if I recall correctly it has been a long time coming since Ghost and RZA both appeared on a track, as RZA himself said.

RZA – Whar ft. Ghostface, Kool G Rap

Plus GZA – 7 Pounds Remix ft. Bronze Nazareth