Apparently Meth Does Not Like Ringz And He Gives Great Interviews

Adam Sandler films are so bad, even Sony hates them. Thank god we have Meth in this latest film doing the rounds. Giving interviews everywhere on a whole range of subjects. Including the current PR disaster that is Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Apparently Meth does not like Ringz, or the handling of this album. Well who would, if this was proclaimed as your last group effort and you are not in the loop.
Be sure to listen/watch the whole interview. Quite some gems about Tupac, acting, B.I.G. and more.


Wu-Tang 0 comments on RZA ‘If anybody from Wu-Tang needs me, I’m there for them’

RZA ‘If anybody from Wu-Tang needs me, I’m there for them’

The Streets Is Talking: News and Notes From the Underground

“I think it’s a great idea,” RZA said of Raekwon, Ghostface and Method Man teaming up. “I was pushing that idea to them years ago. Back in the day, we was gonna have a branch called ‘The Brothers From the Grain’ that was kinda those guys right there. I’m gonna see Meth tonight in the studio to see if I could add on something to that project. Add some depth to it. They are three of the most prolific voices in Wu-Tang. Ghost would call it ‘Three the Hard Way Doing Their Thing.’ ”

RZA says the Clan are at a point where everybody is strong individually, which makes it even greater when they combine.

“We’re at a period of life, if anybody from Wu-Tang needs me, I’m there for them,” he elaborated. “Everybody has grown and matured to where we don’t need each other. … Everybody is now independent, and sometimes we become what I call interdependent. We don’t need each other, but it’s good to work with each other and use each other’s energy for the whole brand and the whole Clan. U-God reached out to me and said, ‘I want you to produce my whole album.’ I’m like, ‘It’s all good.’ When I worked [on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II] with Raekwon, he was like, ‘How much you gonna charge me?’ I said, ‘It’s on the house, baby. Just give me my publishing. My rights. But you don’t have to give me no money to work with you, baby.’ ”