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Raekwon Killed Hip Hop

Raekwon, one of the Wu-Tang Clan’score members, just released “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx . . . Pt. II,” the follow-up to his 1995 début, “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx . . . ” It’s a sequel few thought would come and fewer thought would be any good. (Imagine if “Chinese Democracy” had been as good as “Appetite for Destruction.”) Raekwon has drifted between uninspired beats and retreads since the nineties. He seems to have found his voice by simply returning to where he started. “Cuban Linx II” sounds like an old Wu-Tang record: scraggly samples from soul records and rapid, gnomic bundles of rhymes about drug-selling and agitated encounters. Almost every skit involving Raekwon or his partner, Ghostface Killah, involves somebody yelling at somebody else. This is the Wu-Tang vision of living in the projects, “The Wire” before there was “The Wire.” Whether or not it really represents life as Raekwon and his bandmates know it isn’t relevant; this is the life that they know how to describe, and there’s an urgency here that’s entirely missing from the recent work of artists like Jay-Z and Kid Cudi.

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No Blue Raspberry On OB4CLII

Politic. this is from Blue herself on WTC. Looks like Rae still hasn’t mastered his business.

I wish I had some better news for everyone, however; I will not be doing OBC4LII. I hope the person Rae gets all the best. I was going to do it, but Rae said nevermind………

hmmmmm…doing an album…no payment nor money at all spoke of……dejavu

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Raekwon Interview, Can It Be All So Simple

While his reputation as one of the most savage MCs on the planet has remained largely unblemished for well over a decade, it is Raekwon’s exploits in recent years, or perhaps the lack thereof, that, for some, has brought into question the service at The Chef’s five star restaurant of rhymes. However, despite seemingly perpetual delays, fans continue to file in and wait patiently in line for a fresh serving of Rae’s highly anticipated new LP, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, now slated for a March 2009 release date. In a recent interview with RiotSound.com, Raekwon digs deep to clear up all the rumors and separate fact from fiction when it comes to all issues pertinent to his forthcoming album. With a rare glimpse into the true nature of Hip-Hop’s culinary genius, we go behind the aroma, spices and kitchenware to get a taste of what fans around the world have spent nearly two years salivating over, perhaps with good reason. In today’s world of disposable, drive through Hip-Hop, a slow cooked meal is something that may just be worth waiting for.

RIOTSOUND.COM: Just to give the fans some insight into the Clan and how everything first came about – with yourself personally, how did you initially become involved with MCing and how did you become part of Wu-Tang when the group first came together?

RAEKWON: I’ve been rhyming from the block, you know, and we’ve been doing this for a long time; some of our favorite MCs were right out the neighborhood. We happened to live in one of them neighborhoods where there was a lot of MC contests and battles, breakdacing, graffiti writers, etcetera. So I kinda grew up with all that stuff. When Run DMC and all that starting poppin’ off, that’s when we really took Hip-Hop to another level, as far as in our neighborhood. You’d have brothers out there basically just portraying themselves like the MCs that was out around that time.
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Minus Ol’ Dirty, Wu-Tang Clan to take over Fox

8 Diagrams Press PhotoMinus Ol’ Dirty, Wu-Tang Clan to take over Fox
Wednesday, Dec 19 2007 By Shellie Branco / Californian

Dynasty born in ’90s set to perform in support of its latest CD — ‘The 8 Diagrams’ — Saturday

Get the Wu-Tang Clan on a 17-hour bus ride to Denver and you’ve got a situation that one of the members compares to an RV full of orphans.

“So you could pretty much see how we act,” says Raekwon, a.k.a. the Chef, during a phone interview on said crazy/loud bus after working on some beats for a future song.

They may be a Shaolin-inspired hip-hop dynasty born of the 1990s, one of the first to put out a clothing line, but they don’t always require luxury, Raekwon claims.

“Sometimes we don’t get the right bus,” he says. “We’re used to flat screens and all that. Sometimes we catch a regular TV.”
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