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HHG: Inspectah Deck Interview

Inspectah Deck Movement ShootInspectah Deck Interview
14/12/2007 By Brian Kayser / HipHopGame

8 Diagrams is finally out. How do you feel about that?
We should have released five albums by now, but you know, it’s all good to still be loved and appreciated and anticipated like that. That’s the best feeling about this whole thing for me right now.

Five years is a long time to go without releasing an album. Was there too much of a layover between Iron Flag and 8 Diagrams?
For me and in my opinion, I would say yeah. But you know, I’m not the one who runs things. I just played my part as an MC on this one.

Did playing your part as an MC include giving RZA your creative input and making suggestions?
I played my part as an MC. This was a vision that RZA had, like 36 Chambers was a vision that he had. We had the faith in him to basically do what he does to the extent of how he does it. Pretty much, that’s what he did. My input wasn’t asked of me. Creatively, that’s really, like, out the window on this album. This was like you had Beethoven and niggas who played guitars and shit. There’s only room for one conductor, man.

It doesn’t seem as though every Clan member has that same faith in RZA that you have. Why do you think that is?
It’s not that everybody doesn’t have the faith. We know RZA away from music, so I know what he’s capable of on and off the field. It’s never a question of faith or anything like that. It’s just more a question of decision-making now that we’re grown. It’s about making the right decision and smart decisions because bad choices can kill you nowadays.
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