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Regarding The Drums On Forever

After my previous post on the mixing of 36, I immediately came across this post. Regarding the drums on Wu-Tang Forever. And that was only because Carlos did an amazing post on that one too. Including track sheets. One of which some of y’all may be familiar with. The Triumph one, with the subtitle of Soldier’s Story. Which may put it in another light.

Here goes the first question and the response:

Quote from Wu Tang manual:
“As time went on, we increased our equipment and got into all types of efects, synths and processors – Mahley compressors, Behringer compressors, the Nord Lead – it just kept going.(…) And then Clavia also made this thing called the ddrum. So on Wu Tang Forever you hear a lot of that: drums that aren’t sampled but played on the ddrums”.

My question is – Isn’t the ddrum an electronic percusssion? So – you play ddrum using samples – one hits from some library or cut from different sources? Can you explain me that…

I just love this album. And I’m listening it from the beginning till now. Thanks.

First I would like to say Peace and Blessings to everyone on this Forum.

My name is Carlos “C12” Bess. Scott Harding and I recorded and mixed a majority of “Wu Tang Forever”.

There is a lot of truth in what Rza wrote in his manual. I never saw or played a DDrum on Wu-tang forever?

Around this time, Rza was in love with a small RED BOX which was a simple Drum Machine with some cool presets of kits.

Rza called it the RED BOX and it was from Switzerland.

Rza incorporated Record Drum loops and Live Drum (Played Loops) within his Drum program.

I played live Drums on “Reuited”, “Little Ghetto Boys” and “Deadly Melody”
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RZA: Digi Snacks Is Finished

RZA has only one eyeclaa7 got together a small recap from a RZA interview featured in the Swedish KingSize magazine. Here are a few things he pointed out that were said in the interview:

  • RZA announces that the whole ‘Digi Snacks‘ album is finished but put to the side for the release of 8 Diagrams (the goes same for OB4CL2). Bobby has matured allot on the album. This will be showcased by writing of the songs, which has gotten better according to RZA. There is a really beautiful song on Digi Snacks that’s called ‘Drama‘ which has an incredible chorus and Bobby tells people how to make their lives better. That one feels like a hit-record. But there is also tracks like ‘My Lovin’ Is Digi Pt.2‘ where he just talks shit; “my dick is hard” – that’s that Bobby Digital shit.
  • He says that his favourite Wu-Tang album is ‘Return To The 36 Chambers,’ there is no other album that provides so much joy. It’s a true piece of art.
  • In 1997 RZA found a book on music-theory which started his translation from hip-hop producer to musician. The first beats he made after reading this book were ‘It’s Yourz‘ and ‘Triumph.’
  • He says that Ghostface has a very good ear for music and that he is 100% sure that if he just learned how to use a sampler he would never have to work with a producer again. He also says that INS is the only one in the Clan that learned how to make beats and that ”He actually done a couple beats that are quite interesting.”
  • He gives a prediction that Young DB (ODB’s son) will have a hit-record on top of the charts in 2 years. And it will be a real song-song that people can sing along to. “That’s my first priority when 8 Diagrams is over; Young Dirty Bastard – he is wild, seventeen years old but just like his father. If he just can keep his health.”

Kudos to claa7 for translating the bits

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VDB Rewinds: Stayin’ Alive

Triumph (Soldier’s Story)By Dan Daley
MixOnline 01/01/00

Many recording artists make the newspapers for record and concert reviews and personality profiles. A few go on and make the gossip and celebrity columns as well, for their marriages, divorces, affairs and the occasional punch-out with the doorman or a drunk autograph hound. But Wu-Tang Clan, whose Platinum record sales have made them modern rap legends, also manage to make the front pages on an alarmingly regular basis. Russell Jones-a.k.a. ol’ Dirty Bastard-is one of the core Wu-Tang rappers (the group has nine main members, including producer RZA, but the Clan’s numbers are nebulous and can include posse members), and he is a rapper with a serious rap sheet. There have been assaults, shootings (he’s been shot twice!), numerous arrests and assorted controversies that have, unfortunately, taken away some of the limelight from Wu-Tang’s combustible music.

Studio owners in New York City know Wu-Tang. Several have indicated that they no longer take bookings from the group. That was a significant contributing factor to the group’s decision to set up their own studio on West 37th Street in Manhattan, named 36 Chambers after one of their records. It’s located in two of the rooms that once operated as Skyline Studios, which closed three years ago, and it’s fitted with New York’s only Amek 9098 console.
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