Bugsy Pulls Off Wu-Elements Album

This is something of a first. Bugsy Da God got an album that is exclusively produced by Bronze Nazareth, 4th Disciple & True Master. A thing that fans have been asking for for year, albums exclusively produced by the Wu-Elements. Even though it is 2022, soundwise this most definitely delivers. Bugsy Da God & Dom Pachino delivered with that. Magnificent is some classic True Master, and Wrath Of God is some classic 4th. Banging.
Not going to lie, the sound is solid. And I’d say that if they continue this vision, a niche could be carved out for some solid Wu Killabeez releases this way. It is nothing game changing, but it is a familiar and solid sound. Often that is just what the fans are looking for. Especially those who got older and are out of tune with the sounds of the day.

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Monday Thoughts

Super Bad Wu-Tang

  • Where are the 8 Diagrams videos?
    When Feb 1st came and went, and there was no promo, I knew it was over. We still have the Feb 11th Special Edition release, (it got pushed back). But I fail to see how that can make a real impact. Or a resurrection at that. The album is currently residing at number 132 on the Billboard 200. Everybody dropped the ball on this one.
  • Where was The RZA press conference?
    Yes, I’m bringing this up again.It almost looks like RZA had a radio silence over the past two months. With the additional Bobby Digital show here and there. But like the Clan shows, no 8 Diagrams performances. What is The Abbott thinking?
  • What is the latest news on Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang?
    Like RZA, Rae has been quite silent about his Shoalin vs Wu-Tang project. The Clan has been heavily touring. Did they string that togetehr with the cooking of some new tracks? Or was the project scrapped altogether after RZA & Rae talked it over.
  • Why does the Wu fail to see that nobody is enjoying their inner turmoil?
    Nobody is really enjoying the current state of the famous W. And besides their inner struggles being outed, it also took a turn outside with 50 & Soulja Boy. Don’t think they will respond to any of that. And I think they took the hint.
  • Will Rae respond to Shy?
    My immediate guess is no. Too much of a trouble to go over matter like this. A DVD shout out? Come on. Shy’s track was funny though. The best thing for Rae to do is release OB4CLII this year and make it a classic. That real punch you in the face music.
  • Bobby DigitalDigi Snacks?
    Maybe not everybody is looking forward to this. I was just wondering if the Bobby album is still up for the first quarter of ’08.
  • True MasterMaster Craftsman?
    What will the Truest bring on his upcoming album? Strictly producing, because he still got those bombs. Or will he pick up the mic more. My hope is on the producing side like Mathematics. True really has a nice resumé of producing.
  • When will we see the We Celebrate video?
    To close this mondays thoughts off, where is the We Celebrate video? Last month The Big Doe Rehab was last seen at 190th spot on the Billboard 200. We saw some Making Of. And Ghost expressed his feelings about the BDR numbers sold. It was putting him in the rehab for real. Hopefully this video won’t get shelved like the Theodore video. I expect an out of the blue release onYouTube.
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New True Master Album Coming

True MasterPeople spotted a Unreleased Snippet feutring Raekwon on the MySpace of True Master. Coming with this is the description: “Master Craftsman” coming soon. Looks like a True Master album is coming this fall according to his profile.

Here’s the snippet
True Master – Unreleased Snippet ft. Raekwon