Ol’ Dirty Gets a Podcast

This week Ol’ Dirty Bastard would have turned 55 years old. If it was not for his untimely passing 19 years ago. I still remember reading about it, and it all sort of feeling unreal and distant. When I told people that day about his death, they did not seem to care at all. As if it was just normal or something.

Throughout the years it seems his image has only gotten bigger. In part due to the various personal stories that people have shared after his death. Stories that showed a human Russell Jones that knew what was happening, and cared deeply about the people he loved. But during his life, he was a character of enormous proportions that the media loved to portray as crazy. Somebody with crazy antics and classic rock star drug abuse, just so outlandish. But never once did they start questioning if he may have had a problem. It was just the life. 

Since his death, various things have been announced. A biopic amongst things, which goes as far back as 2012 (https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ol-dirty-bastard-biopic-will-star-michael-k-williams-59115/), with the late Michael K Williams attached. But it seems now something actually has solidified. Announced last year (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/music-news/ol-dirty-bastard-documentary-official-1235122891/#!), a documentary has been released via A&E titled titled ODB: A Tale of Two Dirtys. Though I have yet to see it, since I have not been able to find it online and it seem to be coming soon (https://www.aetv.com/specials/ol-dirty-bastard-a-tale-of-two-dirtys).

Following that milestone, a podcast has now also been announced, and started last week. The eight-part podcast is titled ODB: A Son Unique (https://art19.com/shows/odb-a-son-unique), done by the photographer Khalik Allah. Who some might know for his Popa Wu: A 5% Story [2010] (https://youtu.be/lBIO2kDovrA), a documentary that dived into the story of the late Popa Wu, and interviewed many of his peers. For ODB: A Son Unique, Khalik Allah will dive into the story of Russell Jones. And explore his background, beliefs and his world. The podcast will also feature interviews with Buddha Monk, Raekwon & Popa Wu amongst others.

Fair to say, I have not yet started listening yet, but I am excited about this podcast. It is also great to finally see something materialize. So I am happy to see his legacy is being taken care off. I hope it does him justice.