Picked this one up on Kotaku yesterday. I’ve been wanting to do a Wu-Tang Clan RPG for some time now. But looks like some people beat me to the punch. Haven’t checked it out yet because my connection died.

The story goes like…

It was an ordinary day at the Wu-Tang mansion. Ghostface and Raekwon tossed around a football in the backyard while Ol’ Dirty Bastard, RZA, and the rest of the gang watched the game inside. What nobody expected was the knock at the door that would forever change their lives. Much to their surprise, a tiny but majestic baby with a mysterious pendant was on their doorstep and with nowhere else to go and no sign of who the baby belonged to, the Wu-Tang Clan had no choice but to adopt the tot and nickname him the Wu-Tang Baby. Little did they know, this baby was much sought after by an eldritch wizard living in the sewers for his pendant, and when the baby was kidnapped by the Cheese Panda XD, a henchman of the wizard, the Wu-Tang Clan was tasked with finding the wizard’s lair in the sewers and rescuing the kidnapped baby from his evil clutches in…

Sounds like fun doesn’t it. Even more fun then my Golden Arms Xtreme Xmas Shooter. But, before you all get your hopes up about a quality Wu stamp product. This was not exactly meant to get out there.

OK this has been posted on Kotaku now and I want to make it clear that this was never really meant to get out. This was a stupid thing we did for a two week contest, and I think for a game made in two weeks it is very good, but if you’re looking for something that will compare to Barkley, which took us a year to make, then you’ll be disappointed! We didn’t really want this exposure because the cheese panda shit is retarded and we would have never put that in the game if it weren’t a requirement for the contest. Now we’re almost sort of obligated to keep working on it because it’s really not that great right now. But don’t forget: T.O.G. ain’t nuthin’ to fuck wit.

Wait no longer


Video, controls & credits after the break.


Arrow Keys – Movement
Spacebar – Inventory
Q – Cast Active Spell / Drop Item (Inventory)
W – Use Ladder / Pick-Up Item
E – Shoot (Ranged)
R – Rest (Charges HP quicker than walking, but no enemies can be near)
1-9 – Changes the active spell slot
F4 – Fullscreen / Windowed

Every time you get a level, you are allowed to learn one more spell. Some spells require you to be a certain level in order to learn. Intelligence will dictate how much damage you do to foes using spells, and your chance of casting the spell successfully. Find memos and read them in the Inventory to learn a new spell.

*** Technical Support

– The game is running slow.
If you’ve played a few times, memory can build up in the game. Quit the game manually, and restart the exe.

This game was brought to you by the bros at Tales of Game’s Studios: GZ, Konix, Drule, Hundley, Adeline, tsg1zzn, Chef Boyardee, and maybe more.

Source: Gaming World (via)

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