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When Will Ghost Finish Supreme Clientele 2?

Back in September 2021 Ghostface Killah claimed that Supreme Clientele 2 was on the horizon, and would arrive February 2022. Kanye West, Mike Dean & Producer Plug Uni would be executive producing, and with that there was a little bit of hope for the sequel to the lauded sophomore LP by Ghost.



This was preceded by an Instagram post in October 2020 where Ghost confirmed working on it with a caption saying “WU-BLOCK.. SUPREME 2 IN THE MAKING!!!! #wutangforever #ghostfacemusic #supremeclientele #wublock #ghostfacekillah“. Again people were hyped. But so far, we have gotten nothing.

The original Supreme Clientele holds a special place in a lot of peoples hearts, and a sequel to the album would be something special like a sequel to Only Built For Cuban Linx…, which we got back in 2009. And for which Raekwon also announced a third part. That being said, this is not the first time we heard about the Supreme Clientele 2.

The announcements actually go back to 2010 when it was first mentioned, and January 2011, when Ghost posted a video on Youtube in which he said it was coming. Which state it was, was still unknown at the time. It wasn’t untill February 2013 when he did an interview with Montreality and talked about the album:

Blue & Cream. Hopefully, hopefully this summer, hopefully this summer. Like, maybe like August or something like that. I’m going to try for August, September or maybe July, you know what I mean. But I think August might sound more reasonable if i can do it. I shouldn’t set it, because sometimes when I say a date, it don’t ever fuck around and whatchama. But I gotta put it out because I’ve been sitting on it for like, going on three years.


In the same interview Ghost also mentioned his DOOMSTARKS project and 12 Reasons To Die. When fall came, there was no DOOMSTARKS project. 2013 only saw the release of the Adrian Younge collaboration 12 Reasons To Die. And with the recent passing of DOOM, their collaboration project may never be finalized.

It wasn’t untill deep in 2014, when Ghostface spoke to DX Daily and mentioned that Supreme Clientele 2: Blue & Cream was 85% done. He still wanted to get some people on there, and samples had to be cleared. A weird claim when the album was supposed to be ready a year ago. But creative processes could always change course. So who is to say what happened and what the state was. In hindsight, that 15% seems to be further from completion than ever.

By now it is safe to say that we have been waiting for more years than Supreme Clientele was old when it was first announced. On multiple occasions it seemed almost done, just some samples clear. But we have to take into account that Tony has been clear on the fact he does not work with deadlines any more, ever since the problems that arose out of that with Ironman. So yeah, by this point a lot of people have given up on ever seeing this album. And I’m afraid that any mention of this album without anything to back it up, will just water down the hype more.

That is not to say the Ghost has been sitting still. Since 2011 he has had a steady stream of music. From Wu Massacre to Wu Block to 12 Reasons To Die, Sour Soul, 36 Seasons, The Ghost Files, Ghostface Killahs, Czrface meets Ghostface. Ranging in quality from great to filler. And he has had some more than questionable business endeavours in the form of his recent Christmas EP and now a album in two versions on the Stem Player.

Especially the stem player has people talking. Since this was first used for the release of Donda, and Mike Dean & Ye were supposed to help up finish the album with Ghost, people are asking if this would be the much anticipated sequel. Something that would me sense for this expensive project. But so far it just seems like this is a normal collection of tracks for this project without any further vision as far as I know.

At this point, only time will tell when we will see it if ever. But hopefully it will be earlier than we hear Once Upon A Time In Shaolin or The Cure. Because at this point I got my money on hearing that million dollar album sooner than we’d be hearing Supreme Clientele 2: Blue & Cream.

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RBMA with Wu [VIDEO]

A few years back, 2012, a couple of the guys from the Clan sat down with RBMA to talk Wu. The talk lasted for about an hour, and gives some interesting insights. A must watch, or read for the fan. So if you have the time, grab a seat, and turn back time.

Lecture: Wu-Tang Clan (RBMA World Tour 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.


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Ghost Makes RapCity Turn Awkward

Back in 2000 or 1999, Ghost visited RapCity in promotion of his Supreme Clientele. Ghost being him, this led to some very weird moments in the show with references to bodies being in bags and Cappa walking in and out like a henchman. Wu-Tang Gold.

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Ghostface Interview

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Ghostface Killah
“Smoking Sessions With…” By TC on October 9, 2009 at 1:30 pm

Ghostface Killah bites his tongue for no one. If he said it, he meant it, simple as that. Still red-hot from doing his part in fellow Wu-brethren Raekwon’s critically-acclaimed Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, Tony Starks is proceeding with his solo career without delay, releasing the colorful Ghostdini: The Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City.

In this extremely candid interview with TSS Crew’s TC, Ghost revels in his maturity as an artist, explains why fans should respect his latest musical endeavor and his future label plans. If you think the album is poetic, wait til’ you get a load of his candor.

TSS: So on Ghostdini: Wizard Of Poetry, you’re delving in the “Back Like That,” “Never Be The Same Again,” “Wildflower,” “Love Sessions” territory, correct?

Ghostface Killah: (Laughs) Yeah, it’s literally all of that. There’s nothing but poetry on that shit with all the different topics. It’s just something a nigga been always wanting to do. You know this will be my last album over here on Def Jam. So I was on some ol’ “Yo, you know what? I gave my fans samples, since ‘92…I did albums B…I never really seen no money off the shit.” Just so my fans could fuck around and love me for my music as far as my lyrics. And I never got nothing from a bunch of ‘em…even as far as being in the red. And when I mean being in the red, I mean not recouping! Doing a bunch of other shit to make it right.
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Ghostface Killah 2 comments on I present to you “IDJ’s 2008 Tax Write off”!

I present to you “IDJ’s 2008 Tax Write off”!

This is stupid. The end.

Ghostface has been releasing new albums at such an alarming rate that I’m beginning to wonder if he’s trying to get out of his Def Jam contract. He’s dropped 3 CDs in the last 2 years alone, with another one scheduled for November 25. Contrary to popular belief, Ghostdeini the Great is not Tony’s greatest hits album. It’s a mix of old cuts, remixes, and some new verses.
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Anthony Hamilton ft. Ghostface – Do You Feel Me (Remix)

Previously we reported on the Special Edition Disc set of American Gangster which would feature a video by Anthony Hamilton featuring Ghostface. One of our readers, CNO Evil has been so kind to rip the audio for us and uploaded it here on Zshare.

I got to say I’m feeling this song. Real nice.

Anthony Hamilton ft. Ghostface Killah – Do You Feel Me (Remix)

Kudos to CNO for the hook up.

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Sean C. & LV Talk About Working With Ghost

thebigrehab1.jpgThe majority of beats produced on Big Doe Rehab was by these two guys. And they have been going around as one of the hottest producers right now. Producing also six tracks on American Gangsters. Roc Boys amongst others. HipHopGame has an interview up with these two talking about, producing. What was the difference between working with Jay & Ghost.

Of course Ghostface and Jay-Z are two different albums. Ghost was on the road a lot. A lot of times we were working in the studio without him because he was travelling a lot, but we would stay on the phone with him and get ideas and send it to him on the road and he would say if he liked it or if he didn’t. He’s one of those guys where if he hears a track a certain way, he’s just kind of married to it. When you’re making changes it makes you nervous if he’s married to a different sound of it. But we worked on his last album too. In this case, we would make changes and we would send it to him and he would tell us it was hot and to leave it like that. So that was the difference between working with Jay and working with Ghost.

It was a bit what I expected. Ghost being on the road a lot. Yet I think Ghost should work with producers face to face more. That’s an interaction that usually gives some more direct feedback. There are a whole numbers of emotions and feelings that are only expressed with body language.

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