Shaolin vs Wu-Tang website launching

About now a whole lot of people have taken notice of the Shaolin vs Wu-Tang website. Which makes it look like Rae may very well go through with it his ‘punch you in the face’ Clan album. Not so much. A quick look shows us the website is registered to a British resident. An infamous Wu-Tang fan and previous host of the short lived, taken down by the server host after it got scared of several legal threats.

WUTANGWORLDMost reports on this website feature the name KZA, used by the current news poster behind the site. This name though is known for the web master of the Which was closed down several years ago after went on to be WuTangCorp. Before that there was always a flaming war going on between the members of both sites. KZA has immortalized himself with dropping ‘wutangworld dot com‘ in front of the exclusive Wu-Tang songs he had on his website. So in fact KZA is not KZA the frenchman we used to know.

For the average Wu fan it is common knowledge that, despite the fact that one calls himself bobby digital, the Wu is not well known for it’s digital entrepreneurship. From RZA not knowing that he could make money of the AOL install included on Wu-Tang Forever to the scamming of fans. Orders that were placed & paid for vinyl and cds, which were sometimes never made or never sent out. Launching various websites but never fully updating one.,, And now next to The Wu just fucks up on this side of the world.

Having seen the website I can say that it is all good. Just like us they will collect all the news on the net, but with a sharper touch to it. Not afraid to drop names. Frontline Wu-Tang news and off course it has more international url then we have. In case your wondering what it all means, its Dutch for bird dance gang. The site will also likely feature discographies and lyrics. A must for any music website. may not be official, yet. But it may be the best thing that could have happened for Rae. A fan running the deep into unfamiliar terrority for him. And all he has to do is be there when the ball nears the end line. Take it and score.

Currently there is now date for the launch of the website.


  1. Oh, by the way, I remember that, and the, lol. I was in high school when that shit came out. The bobby digital website was the shit, I remember they had an animation on there with bobby digital lighting up a blunt, I loved that shit.

  2. I’ve seen the website in beta stage. And I know the guy who is behind it.

    bobby-digital has some cool animation. I may have saved that animation somewhere..

  3. lol – the pic above is funny.
    Hope this shit will never happen. Bring some real vids for 8 d -hgw or WOLVES

  4. Although this kind of buzz does not directly affect sales, the Wu really needs to spearhead this project. Hopefully RZA’s ego is not harshly affected and he helps the project becomes a reality. It will be interesting to see the site, when it launches. In the meantime, I’m going to create better banners.

    Their inability to change with the times or seize the moment will manifest in the future. Surprising they are not the only ones. There are many artists who are not taking the full advantage of the web in 2008. Well at least Method Man will continue to strive as a solo artist and his Hollywood endeavors.

    If you can find the animation, please post.

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