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The House That Hatred Built by Gravediggaz

Back in the early 2000’s the idea of a proper Gravediggaz reunion or a recasting was super exciting. Over and over there were rumors. Warcloud, Killah Priest & Shabazz would be more involved. RZA would take the reigns again. But nothing ever really materialized after the death of Poetic, making Nightmare In A-Minor their last official collective effort.
Nowadays I’m not following everything what happens that much, and much time has passed since it sounded like something I’d like to hear. But some time ago Prince Paul took the time to share an unreleased Gravediggaz demo called The House That Hatred Built.
Apparently this was the first demo the group recorded ever, back in 1991. This recording, and the start of the Gravediggaz, predates the recording of the Wu-Tang Clan for RZA. There is actually a lot of interesting information about this and the formation of the Gravediggaz in this interview he did with Brian Coleman at Trinity College. Like how the album was recorded in full before Enter The Wu-Tang, but only released 9 months after. So be sure to read all about that there.

Another thing I came across, was the fact that the Gravediggaz declined a deal with Ruthless Records. Prince Paul actually met with Eazy-E & Jerry Heller, and this was during which he had a hard time finding a home for the record. But the deal they offered was so bad he still had to decline. There is more to read in this track by track run down of 6 Feet Deep that Prince Paul did with HipHopSite back in 2013.

Speaking of tracks. It seems that from time to time people did still record under the Gravediggaz monniker. Which leads to the following track I came across, 2 More Cups Of Blood. In 2010 Shabazz did an interview with Wu-International in which he revealed that the Gravediggaz was back together. It was him, Priest, Frukwan, 9th Prince, Beretta 9/Kinetic was there, and RZA & Prince Paul were also involved. Shabazz stated, ‘3 more songs and the new album is done! I recorded at Rza’s crib. He called me and we had a looong overdue reunion!!! Priest came thru too. So yes Gravediggaz is coming soon!!!!!!!!‘ He even mentions that he has some Poetic verses that they might use on the record, making it a complete reunion. Sadly nothing official ever saw the light of day or the dark of night save for this track. Apparently this was leaked by RZA himself, and most defintely flew under my radar.

One of the biggest tracks that Gravediggaz are known for, and also introduced some people to Shabazz The Disciple & KIllah Priest, is Diary Of A Mad Man. Now people seem to think that RZA produced this record, but in a video interview back in 2018 Prince Paul cleared up the air surrounding that record: “Alright, so RNS gets credit for the record [sample]. RZA gets credit ’cause it went through RZA, and me, ’cause I put the whole record together: programmed the drums, put the court pieces and stuff in it. But when you look at the credits, everybody goes ‘Yeah, RZA produced it, but Paul had nothin’ to do with it.’…it’s obviously a Prince Paul production, you can hear how it’s done. Nobody makes stuff like that, at least during that time.

The whole story you can hear about in the video underneath.

That said, Diary of a Madman is obviously a classic that many people hold dear. The track itself with the court, and the video is like no other. The video was actually direct by Hype Williams, who would later direct many more music videos in his own style. Which brings me to the following: Diary Of A Madman Part 2
About six month ago the Warcloud meets Killah Priest effort Savage Sanctuary got released on Black Stone of Mecca. This album carrying the track Diary of a Madman Pt. 2 featuring a slew of people on a original RZA beat. The track first surfaced on a Black Knights album a few year ago, but with in a horrible state. This time around they seemed to have cleared up the recordings and the mix a bit.
Rumors about this track travel back to around 2005 I believe. Word was that a part 2 was recorded with Priest, Shabazz & Warcloud. And again nothing ever got released, and now we finally have the track, 15 years later. Was it worth the wait?

Killah Priest, Wu-Tang

Another Priest Album: Mr. Universe

It seems that every moon cycle Killah Priest manages to drop another album. This time around he got one with Jordan River Banks again, after the 2020 The Third Eye In Technicolor. The album continues the current style Priest has managed since Rocket To Nebula, also back in 2020. So it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

And if you are wondering what Priest has been up to, you can visit his Bandcamp to find Rocket To Nebula, The Third Eye In Technicolor, The Last Ride with the HRMN, Ragnarok, The Goddess and The Priest with Bliss, and Savage Sanctuary with The Holocaust/Warcloud.

What is missing from this list of the last two years is Lord Sun Heavy Mental 1.1, Summer End Cafe, Divine Intervention with True Master, The Three Fantastic Supermen Epic, and Horrah Scope.

As you can see, Priest has been very consistent in his output of music.

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U-God & Priest on radio interview

Wu Tang Clan are in the building as U-God passes through to talk all about his new album ‘Dopium’. Within the interview, U-God seeks to explore much more personal issues, revealing that he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is learning to manage life with the disorder. He talks longevity,the problems with hip hop ‘artists’ and much more, in a very intimate and typically-Conspiracy Radio style feature.

Killah Priest swoops in full of life and energy to prelude his sophomore upcoming 2CD album, his new mixtapes, his DVDs and of course his participation within the Wu Tang Clan in 2009. Bizarrely, although contributors to the new Wu Tang Chamber Music Vol 1. neither U-God or Killah Priest really knew what the project is all about.

Uey is on the last 15 mins of the show. Priest before than.

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Killah Priest on His New Projects, The HRSMN, Emcee Advice, and His Travels

Killah Priest on His New Projects, The HRSMN, Emcee Advice, and His Travels
(February, 2009)

Killah Priest is truly an MC’s MC. Since being introduced to the mainstream in 1998 with his breakout single, “B.I.B.L.E.” he has yet to succumb to industry pressure to change his style. And why should he? As he mentions in his interview. He’s been doing this hip hop shit professionally for 10 years now.

Priest’s style of rhyming could be best described as visual, dramatic, descriptive, historic, religious, abstract and even ancient. For those of you who may be only vaguely familiar with his work (Heavy Mental, View From Masada, Priesthood, Black August, The Offering, etc.) don’t worry. Apparently there’s a lot more coming from this unique wordsmith. I recently came across an unofficial Killah Priest mix tape which featured the song “Immaculate” with ACHOZEN (A group consisting of RZA and Shavo of System of A Down). It was pretty good and very inventive and after talking to Priest, it looks like there’s yet another mixtape and album in the works ready to be released soon.
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The Psychic World of Walter Reed

Is this going to be the title of the upcoming Killah Priest double discer?
Does Priest have enough material to entertain people for 80 plus minutes?
Are there going to be Wu-Elements on board?
What kinda heat will Godz Wrath & DJ Wool bring?
Is this steady flow of material enough to keep his fans satisfied?
Does Priest need to get more quality control?
How many people know the title of the last music video by KP?

Roy: Chew, if only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes. Questions.
Chew: I don’t know answers.
Roy: Who does?

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Godz Wrath – Fingerprintz Of The Godz Mixtape


  1. Intro
  2. Buried Alive – Hell Razah
  3. Tell Me – Black Marvel
  4. Thug Nation – Black Market Militia
  5. Red Crayola – T-N-T
  6. Hood Lullabye – Black Market Militia
  7. Feel Good – Black Marvel
  8. Barber’s CHair – Maccabees
  9. Wrath Skit
  10. Angel Tearz – Shabazz The Disciple
  11. Things We Share – Killah Priest
  12. Sleepwalkers – Ciph Barker
  13. Hellfire And Brimstone – Ciph Barker
  14. The Touch – Black Market Militia
  15. Stand Still – Killah Priest ft. Immortal Technique & Bloodsport
  16. Osiris Eyes – Killah Priest
  17. Musical Murda – Hell Razah ft. Rass Kass
  18. Beliedat – Black Marvel
  19. Frailty Skit
  20. Dead Street Scrolls – Black Market Militia
  21. Broken Wings – Shabazz The Disciple Freestyle
  22. When They Come – S.O.S. ft. dead prez
  23. Wake Up Outro


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Killah Priest – Heavy Mental Samples

Want to complete your Heavy Mental sample collection? Maybe this set by This Is Hip Hop can help.

“I Forgot To Be Your Lover” by William Bell
From the album Bound to Happen (1968)
Sampled in “One Step”
Produced by True Master

“It Ain’t Long Enough” by Judy Clay
From the single “It Ain’t Long Enough”
Sampled in “One Step”
Produced by True Master

“The Man In The Raincoat” by Marion Marlowe
From the single “The Man In The Raincoat” (1955)
Sampled in “From Then Till Now”
Produced by Y-Kim The Illfigure

“Diamonds Are Forever” by London Starlight Orchestra *
From the album ?
Sampled in “From Then Till Now”
Produced by Y-Kim The Illfigure

“My Little Brown Book” by Duke Elington & John Coltrane
From the album Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (1962)
Sampled in “Fake MC’s”
Produced by 4th Disciple

“Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Thelma Houston
From the album Any Way You Want It (1976)
Sampled in “Tai Chi”
Produced by 4th Disciple

“Sweet Pain” by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook
From the album Night Songs (1996)
Sampled in “Atoms To Adam”
Produced by 4th Disciple

“Someday” by The Carpenters
From the album Ticket To Ride (1969)
Sampled in “Wisdom”
Produced by 4th Disciple

“Our Love Has Died” by Ohio Players
From the album Pleasure (1972)
Sampled in “B.I.B.L.E.”
Produced by 4th Disciple

“Love Song 1700″ by Grover Washington, Jr
From the album All the Kings Horses (1972)
Sampled in “Information”
Produced by 4th Disciple


Rap Credits List

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HHIR Presents The Liquid Sword Samples

HHIR Presents The Liquid Sword SamplesAnd another one. The Liquid Sword collection of samples. This one includes a lot of samples I myself did not have. Mainly because I never really searched for them. So this is a good chance of updating it.

Kudos to Hip Hop is Read for doing this. Greatly appreciated. Hit up their site if your are by any chance looking for the samples to God’s Son, Game Theory or Doctor’s Advocate.

It would be nice if someone took the time to collect the samples used on 8 Diagrams. Sure to happen some time in the future.

Download via Zshare
Download via RS

Hit the jump for the complete tracklist.

  1. ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’ by Willie Mitchell
      Sampled for ‘Liquid Swords’ by GZA (feat. RZA)
      Produced by RZA
  2. ‘Groovin” by Willie Mitchell
      Sampled for ‘Liquid Swords’ by GZA (feat. ODB, Masta Killa & Inspectah Deck)
      Sampled for ‘4th Chamber’ by GZA (feat. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest & RZA)
      Produced by RZA
  3. ‘That’s the Way it Is’ by Al Green
      Rumored to have been sampled for ‘Liquid Swords’ by GZA (feat. RZA)
      Produced by RZA
  4. ‘I’m Afraid the Masquerade is Over’ by David Porter
      Sampled for ‘Duel of the Iron Mic’ by GZA (feat. ODB, Masta Killa & Inspectah Deck)
      Produced by RZA
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Shabazz Wants Gravediggaz Reunion

Shabazz Interiew
Wu-Famnatic recently conducted an interview with Shabazz The Disciple. The man has a new album coming out in April of 2008 called Hood Scriptures. In the interview Shabazz bounces allot of questions regarding projects to other peple on the project. Sadly. But most interesting is the fact that Shabazz says he has been calling for a Gravediggaz reunion for years now. Rumours about this project have floating around for quite some years now. Complete formations were named including Shabazz and Holocaust.

Another interesting bit Shabazz names is his affiliation with Black Market Militia. Because it was ‘Bazz who put them in touch with Godz Wrath Production, from The Netherlands. They did quite some work on The Passion Of The Hood Christ. But with BMM he got left out. I for one never knew he was involved with BMM. Yet I was informed about him working with Godz Wrath first. Kind of drawing the lines.

Check the whole interview out here at Wu-Famnatic.